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Our Impacts

Strategic Planning Process:

During the pandemic WALKs Strategic objectives shifted to focus on risk management, good infection control protocols and sustaining service delivery for service users in WALKs Day and Residential Services. As a result of this WALKs Board of Directors made the decision to extend the 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan for an additional six months.

From January – June 2021 WALK worked on the remaining actions from our 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan which were completed.

WALK started work on our new Strategic Plan in 2021, engaging with a range of stakeholders who contributed to the strategic development process. We launched our new Strategic Plan in June 2021. The Strategic Plan was disseminated and a process of understanding and embedding of the Strategic Plan into local awareness occurred.

In September and October 2021, a series of workshops and focus groups were held with our four stakeholder groups: WALK service users, families, staff and the WALK leadership team.

The workshops and focus groups enabled WALK to listen to the input and feedback of each stakeholder group. Feedback from the Stakeholder groups then fed into WALKs Operational Plan.

3. Strategic Plan graphic illustration

(Graphic from service user listening day)

Our Impacts:



(From Board Monitoring and Evaluation Report end Oct 2023).

The arrow represents where we are in relation to fulfilling the goals set out in our 2021 - 2024 Strategic Plan.

You will see this arrow with more green as we progress through the plan.

This image will be updated after every board meeting.

About our impacts


Voluntary services today must be very clear about what they are trying to achieve and they need to develop very specific aims and objectives along with strategic plans and targets.

WALK is working towards its Strategic Plan for 2021 - 2024

 This measuring tool breaks the plan down in to:

OUTPUTS - these are the activities WALK does and the supports WALK provides.

OUTCOMES - these are the changes, benefits or learning that happens as a result of our work.

INDICATORS - these are the pointers we use to measure whether the outputs and outcomes are being achieved.

We will regularly report on progress of this Plan and will use this area to show the impacts we are making.

Progress Reports


Every two months,  WALK will issue a progress report to our Board of Directors.  Shortly after the Board meets we publish these progress reports here

.The purpose of these reports is to provide a summary of progress made towards achieving the objectives (and therefore impact) of the Strategic Plan.

1st Progress Report on Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

2nd Progress Report on Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024


4th progress report on strategic plan 2021 2024.


6th progress report on strategic plan 2021 2024

7th progress report on strategic plan 2021 2024

9th-progress-report (August) -on-strategic-plan-2021-2024

10th-progress-report (October) -on-strategic-plan-2021-2024

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