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Hallowe'en Fright Night

See Drimnagh Castle come alive

Each year, WALK hosts the scariest 'fright night' of the year in Drimnagh Castle.

This event is sure to give you the shivers as you roam through Drimnagh Castle and the ghosts and ghouls of yesteryear come to life.

See the Castle transformed and enjoy many different spooktacular events for all the family.

Fright Night 2019

Girl dressed up
Fancy Dress Competition winner
Dance troup
Funky Steps dancers
Cillian Gilbert with Barny the Owl
Cillian Gilbert with Barny the Owl
Image credit: Sam V
Image Credit: Sam V
Image Credit: Sam V
Image credit: Sam V
Image credit: Sam V

Hallowe'en Fright Night 2018

2 Witches at cauldron
Scary Witches
Green Ghost
Green Ghost
Little girl in ghost cutout
Two ladies scarily dressed up
Two scary ladies
People on ground at start of dance
Lady dressed as dead bride
The Bride Arose
Three children in costume
Best Dressed Competition Winner

Hallowe'en Fright Night 2017

Cillian Gilbert in pirate outfit
Dressed up fun
Homemade scary outfit
Scary competition winner
Eeeerrriiieeee Gardens
Owl time
Show in action
Puppet Sthow
Castle Decorations
Show in action

Hallowe'en Fright Night 2016

Scary witch
Spooooooky head
When the owl keeps watch
View from castle
Are these the happy witches?
Scary dancers
Candle and Cobwebs
What is it? Scary!
Watch out...the witches are about!
Dancing Dead
Green Ghosts

Hallowe'en Fright Night 2015

Scary lady on bed
Don't wake Lady Eleanora!
Dancers dressed in scary outfits
Amazing Dance Troop
Scary man blood on face with ripped clothes
Eeerrrieeee in the forest
Man in red tomb
Don't wake the dead
man and ghosts in woods
Be careful who you meet in the woods
cobwebs in castle
Cobwebby castle
skull head with lights
Scary skulls
Chewey sweets
Chewey earwax
Toddler in witch outfit
Estella the cute witch
Cillian Gilbert dressed as batman holding an owl
Cillian Gilbert dressed as batman
table with green kitchen banner
Green Kitchen ghouley goodies
frightnight characters
Some of our fright night characters

Hallowe'en Fright Night 2014

Moving Skeletons
Moving Skeletons
Scary entrance
Scary entrance
Waking the dead
Waking the dead
Be part of the thrilllllll
Be part of the thrilllllll
Scary faces
Scary faces
Ghosts at every turn
Ghosts at every turn
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