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Community Living

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Living Supports


Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one ; stronger that a magician ever spoke or spirit ever answered to in any conjuration.” Charles Dickens

Whether home for you is living with family, living alone, living with friends, renting a home, purchasing your own or living in and contributing to your chosen community WALK is present with people in the journey and creation of a rich and full life with home at the core.

Our role is to design supports that are based on the needs of each individual. So whether needs are complex or otherwise the starting point is with you. Everyone’s journey is different but the commitment from WALK is based on the same principles of choice, rights and opportunity.

All people are connected in their quest to find that place of comfort, security, happiness and magic that is home.

Older Person's

Older Person's supported at home

Older Person's

WALK’s Older Person’s Group supports senior citizens who also have an intellectual disability to lead active and engaging lifestyles in their local community. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring that a positive well-being approach is applied to each individual’s personalised service.

One of the core elements of this service is in developing partnerships with other community based services to enable pathways to exists so the people supported can live socially inclusive lives whilst being engaged in meaningful activities.

Fundamental to WALK’s Older Person’s group is a belief that each individual served still has a lot to offer their local communities and many are engaged in a variety of volunteering roles as well as developing lasting friendships with other in their local community.


Learning, Innovating, Networking in the Community

The LINC programme has developed a model of support that combines a psychologically informed practice with a rights-based citizenship approach. This unique model results in individuals being included socially within their communities and also supports them to engage meaningfully whilst following their own self-determined vision.

Service users in LINC are encouraged to engage in a range of activities that reduce stress and provide health and well-being benefits to all. These include strategies that support people to develop personalised strategies that enhance their capacities in the areas of exercise, stress management, nutrition, social valued roles, recreation, etc

Service users are encouraged to develop social roles in their communities, to volunteer, have paid jobs, to build relationships, to enrol in mainstream education and to develop their areas of interest, all of which benefits mental health. The Personal Outcomes Measures system utilised provides a structured format of identifying and developing personal goals for each service user, and measures their progress towards each outcome. For service users that that may present with complex health issues, person centred supports are developed to help them maintain positive mental health.


WALK’s transition service supports individuals to access their local communities. There is a strong focus on supporting individuals to progress towards mainstream education and paid employment whilst at the same time ensuring that relevant supports are in place to ensure there are opportunities to explore and develop people's own unique passions and areas of expertise.

There is a strong emphasis on developing each service user’s support circle so that each individual’s progression is continued in as sustainable a fashion as is possible. The Personal Outcomes Measures system utilised provides a structured format for identifying and developing personal goals for each service user, and measures their progress towards each outcome.

This service embraces the New Directions 12 areas of choice and support and aims to ensure that each person that engages with the programme has a truly personalised support service under the auspices of person centredness, community inclusion and active citizenship.

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